15 Tîrmeh 2024
A rescue flight is being sent to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan by the Pakistani government tonight to evacuate the students. More flights are being planned for tomorrow as well. The government will bear the expenses of transporting the students via these special flights
Protest broke out in Kyrgyz capital over 13 May squabble with foreign nationals (unclear what country’s citizens, either Pakistan or India) and locals getting into physical confrontation which was widely shared on social media. Increased police presence by foreign student dorms
Spain ministry confirms 3 tourists killed in Afghanistan were Spanish
1 month ago
Gunmen kill three foreign tourists in Afghanistan's central Bamyan province
2 month ago
Taliban government: The number of flood victims in northern Afghanistan has risen to 315
Wezareta Karên Derve ya Tacîkistanê têkildarî binpêkirina mafên hemwelatiyên komarê li ser xaka Federasyona Rûsyayê notek pêşkêşî Balyozê Rûsyayê li wî welatî kir.
2 month ago
Two Kyrgyzstanis accused of creating terrorist association in GermanyAccording to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Germany, the accused were in contact with the terrorist group Wilayat Khorasan
Wezîrê Derve yê Brîtanya David Cameron gihîşt Astana2 month ago
Wezîrê Derve yê Brîtanya David Cameron gihîşt Astana
3 month ago
Taliban's Al-Mersaad Media releases interviews of two Tajik nationals who are apparently detained in a Taliban prison. They claim they were recruited by ISKP while they were residing in Russia and planned to go to Pakistan for training but were apprehended by Taliban before that
More flooding expected in Orenburg region3 month ago
More flooding expected in Orenburg region
3 month ago
Floods in Kazakhstan are the largest in the last 80 years, emergencies have been declared in 10 regions - President of Kazakhstan Tokayev
3 month ago
Halyk Bank, the largest bank in Kazakhstan, has suspended servicing Mir cards since February 27, a call center employee said
Iranian state television reporting that several Iranian diplomats seem to have been killed in the strike as well
FSB ragihand ku li herêma Stavropolê êrîşeke terorîstî hat astengkirin, 3 welatiyên welatên Asyaya Navîn hatin binçavkirin.
3 month ago
Putin bi Tokayev re axivî, Serokê Kazakistanê tekez kir ku ew êrîşa terorîstî ya li Crocus bi tundî şermezar dike û peyvên hevxemiyê û piştevaniyê ragihand - Kremlin.
Pakistani Defense Minister: We are not looking for a conflict with the Taliban, and we do not want to enter Afghanistan
Pakistani Army: Militants carried out an armed attack on March 16 on an army site, taking up positions to protect them in Afghanistan
Kabul announces the killing of eight people in Pakistani strikes on eastern Afghanistan
An Indian media outlet reported that at least 5 international students from African countries, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan were injured when a violent crowd stormed a hostel at Gujarat University in Ahmedebad while the students were praying, the report says
President of Kazakhstan Tokayev paid a two-day state visit to Azerbaijan. Visited Shusha in Nagorno-Karabakh, noted that Karabakh will bloom with new colors, and the restoration of the region's infrastructure will contribute to the development of the entire South Caucasus
4 month ago
Pûtîn ji hikûmetê xwest ku bernameyên ji bo pêşxistina zimanê rûsî li welatên CIS fînanse bike
4 month ago
Explosion in PD-4, Kabul City
5 month ago
Tajikistan: The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs called the explosion in Kulyab a terrorist attack
Wesayîta avêtinê ya Soyuz-2.1a bi keştiya barkêş a Progress MS-26 ji kozmodroma Baikonur hat avêtin.
5 month ago
Kazakhstan just announced that they will be compensating oil over production within the next 4 months - energy ministry
5 month ago
Li Stepnogorsk qutbûna elektrîkê
5 month ago
The government of Kazakhstan has resigned, the press service of President Tokayev reported. The reason is not specified.
IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade announces one of its veterans was killed 2 nights ago by US airstrikes in Deir ez-Zur province, Syria5 month ago
IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade announces one of its veterans was killed 2 nights ago by US airstrikes in Deir ez-Zur province, Syria
5 month ago
The World Food Program (WFP) in Afghanistan said in a statement that Japan contributed US$13.5 million for WFP in Afghanistan for emergency assistance for 630,000 people, school feeding for 36,000 children & to keep WPF operational. “This contribution comes at a critical moment for the many families across the country who are less prepared than ever to face the harsh Afghan winter when hunger bites hardest,” said Hsiao-Wei Lee, WFP Country Director in Afghanistan
5 month ago
Serokomarê Ukraynayê Zelensky bi Serokomarê Kazakistanê Tokayev re bi telefonê axivî