19 July 2024
2 year ago
.@joannalillis: Denied entry to Kazakhstan at land border near Bishkek. No entry to foreigners at land borders, not even journalists - though I've often crossed this border when it's closed in the past. Devastated I can't get back home to Almaty to report on its terrible traumas from the ground
It's now Saturday morning in Kazakhstan, where internet has been cut for some 60 hours. The blackout has produced an information vacuum as anti-government protests escalate, hindering independent media and human rights monitors
2 year ago
Blinken in his typical ill-mannered style spoke about the events in Kazakhstan, - the Russian Foreign Ministry said on “once Russians are in your house, it's very difficult to get them to leave”
Military convoy in Ulan-Ude filmed, comment the military equipment is on the move, not for the first day2 year ago
Military convoy in Ulan-Ude filmed, comment "the military equipment is on the move, not for the first day"
2 year ago
Tokayev: Gangsters and militants very well trained, organized and commanded by the special centre. Some of them were speaking non-Kazakh languages. There were at least six waves of attacks of militants at Almaty, total amount of them 20 thousand
The Ministry of the Interior of Kazakhstan: 7 policemen were killed during a security operation in the city of Almaty
Developments in Kazakhstan are politically, economically different than what's happening outside Ukraine, Blinken says. "Having said that, I think one lesson of recent history is that, once Russians are in your house, it's sometimes very difficult to get them to leave," he adds
Blinken says "we are very concerned" about developments in Kazakhstan and "have questions" about the nature of the request for assistance from CSTO. "It would seem to me that the Kazakh authorities certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with protests"
2 year ago
In Taldykorgan, a tense situation persists, shooting continues there, Sputnik reports.
Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs: 3811 suspected terrorists detained, 26 killed, control over all administrative buildings over country restored
Russian Security Services are now in control of situation at Baikonur city. Prohibited to gather more than 3 people
2 year ago
Lukashenka held phone call with Nazarbayev
Photo of military equipment posted yesterday. Equipment at Razdol'noe, Primorsky Krai2 year ago
Photo of military equipment posted yesterday. Equipment at Razdol'noe, Primorsky Krai
Military echelon filmed in Transbaikal region
Military echelon filmed in Irkutsk region
China firmly opposes any force undermining Kazakhstan's stability and is ready to provide necessary support for Kazakhstan to overcome hardship, Chinese President Xi Jinping made the remarks in a verbal message to Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Allies are following developments in Kazakhstan very closely, says NATO SecGen Stoltenberg, lamenting the loss of life
NATO is concerned about events in Kazakhstan
2 year ago
Orda Kz quoting witnesses reports 3 audible explosion near intersection of Tolstogo street and Chernyshevskogo street in Turksib district of Almaty and chemical smell in the air after
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A CTA0558K airborne from Almaty Kazahstan2 year ago
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A CTA0558K airborne from Almaty Kazahstan
Curfew in Taraz extended, to start at 19 instead of 23
2 year ago
Khabar TV also released Kazakh language statement of President Tokayev
Josep Borrell Fontelles: Received debrief on the situation in call with Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tileuberdi. Expressed EU's readiness to support de-escalation and stability, and we will continue to follow the situation closely. Important that rights and security of civilians are guaranteed
2 year ago
Putin had multiple conversations with Tokayev on the CSTO measures to ensure order in Kazakhstan were discussed - Kremlin's spokesperson
Kazakh police detained Arman Dzhumageldiev nicknamed Dikiy, organized-crime leader, suspected in organizing riots in Almaty
2 year ago
Lukashenka had phone calls with Pashinyan and Putin
2 year ago
Russian Il-76 with Tajikistani troops has already taken off from the Gissar airfield, - the Russian Defense Ministry reported
2 year ago
Twelve more Il-76 and An-124 military transport aircraft departed from the Chkalovsky airfield with servicemen and airborne equipment to Kazakhstan, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.
2 year ago
The Belarusian military contingent, which is part of the CSTO forces, arrived in Kazakhstan in full force and began to fulfill the assigned tasks - Ministry of Defense of Belarus
A small gathering outside the parliament in Tbilisi in support of Kazakhstan protests happening now