19 July 2024
Protest continues in Aktau
Minister of Defense of Kyrgyzstan in statement at Parliament says that 150 officers of "Scorpion" SOF will be deployed for CSTO mission via Kant airbase with the help of Russian aircraft
2 year ago
More than 70 military aircraft around the clock transfers units of the Russian contingent of the CSTO forces to Kazakhstan - Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
2 year ago
Commander of Russian airborne troops colonel-general Serdyukov will be the commander of CSTO troops in Kazakhstan - Russian Defense Ministry
2 year ago
Russian Federation airborne troops, together with law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan, took full control of the Almaty airport - Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Troops of the CSTO countries began military service in Taraz
Kyrgyzstan plans to send 150 troops to Kazakhstan for the CSTO mission
Military convoy filmed in Ivanovo region2 year ago
Military convoy filmed in Ivanovo region
It's now Friday morning in Kazakhstan where internet has been shut down for some 36 hours, placing public safety at risk and leaving friends and family cut off. Connectivity levels continue to flatline at just 5% of ordinary levels
2 year ago
Unknown location
5 planes with Belarusian troops on CSTO mission have landed in Kazakhstan
2 year ago
Aktau. A group of protesters blocked the road to the airport
Sporadic clashes, shots and explosions heard around Almaty this nigh(2:10 am)
Sound of clashes in Almaty tonight
US warns 'world watching' if Russian troops violate rights in Kazakhstan
2 year ago
Coordinator of Kazakhstan opposition movement "DVK" Zamanbek Tleuliev says that Ukrainian security services came to his residence
2 year ago
The CSTO troops in Kazakhstan are authorized to use their weapons - the organization's secretary general said
2 year ago
Number of troops of the CSTO in Kazakhstan will be at 2.5 thousand,- said the Secretary General of the organization Stanislav Zas. - If necessary, the number of troops can be increased
White House says situation in Kazakhstan won't affect plans for talks with Russia next week - Reuters
2 year ago
Events in Kazakhstan pose a real threat to the security and even the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan, said the CSTO Secretary General
2 year ago
There are 6 checkpoints around the perimeter of Nur-Sultan: in the directions of Karaganda, Kossha, Kokshetau, Pavlodar, the villages of Korgalzhyn and Astrakhanka. Restricted entry and exit from Nur-Sultan
An employee of the Almaty TV channel was killed in the shooting. The TV channel's film crew came under fire in the area of the presidential residence in Almaty. The driver of the car was killed. A journalist of the TV channel was also injured.
In the center of Taraz, at about 23.30, the sounds of shots were heard, an Orda.kz correspondent reported. Police dispersed the assembled protesters
The CSTO notified the UN about sending its contingent to Kazakhstan, the UN Secretary General's office said
2 year ago
Counter terrorism operation is being carried out in the Kyzylorda region - head of the region Gulshara Abdykalikova
At present, a large group (estimated at 7-8) of the Russian Aerospace Forces transport aircraft are moving from the Machulishchi airbase (Belarus) to Yekaterinburg.2 year ago
At present, a large group (estimated at 7-8) of the Russian Aerospace Forces transport aircraft are moving from the Machulishchi airbase (Belarus) to Yekaterinburg.
Kazakhstan law enforcement agencies claim control over all important administrative building in central Almaty
Secretary of State Blinken spoke today with Kazakhstani Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tileuberdi regarding the ongoing state of emergency in Kazakhstan. The Secretary reiterated the United States’ full support for Kazakhstan’s constitutional institutions and media freedom and advocated for a peaceful, rights-respecting resolution to the crisis. The Secretary also raised the priority of promoting stability in Europe, including support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in response to Russian aggression.
Protest continues in Aktau
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan: those who refuse to lay down their arms will be destroyed
Column of Russian airborne troops on the highway near Ivanovo airfield2 year ago
Column of Russian airborne troops on the highway near Ivanovo airfield