13 July 2024
Protest continues in Aktau
2 year ago
President Tokayev says that he is the chairman of security council from now, instead of Nazarbayev
2 year ago
From now on, the chairman of the Security Council will act tough - President Tokayev in statement
Issues with ATM machines of "Optima Bank" in Kyrgyzstan due to internet shutdown in Kazakhstan
Shops and banks destroyed on the intersection of Abay avenue and Masanchi street in Almaty
TV channels "NTK", "First Channel Eurasia" suspended broadcast. Television broadcaster MTRK/Mir says all employees evacuated after their office destroyed by protesters
Zbigniew Rau: As Chairman of the @OSCE, I closely follow recent developments in Kazakhstan. Violence is never a right response to resolve the current challenges. I call for de-escalation of the situation and starting a dialogue with full respect of @OSCE commitments
Protesters seized premises of "Mir 24" television broadcaster and demanded to start broadcast with their statement
Almaty-based Kazakh television broadcaster KTK has suspended broadcast
Confirmed: Kazakhstan is now in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions2 year ago
Confirmed: Kazakhstan is now in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after a day of mobile internet disruptions and partial restrictions
2 year ago
Police cordon and standoff at the entrance of Aktau
Protesters are attempting to enter "Korgan Center" small arms shop in central Almaty
2 year ago
Official Kazakhstan websites are not accessible from abroad, users reports wired internet shutdown
Pakistani military spox: The border with Afghanistan is an international border, we don't call it Durand Line, it's an international border"
2 year ago
Reports of issues with internet all over Kazakhstan again. Users could not upload files or send messages
2 year ago
Kremlin's spokesperson says that Kazakhstan authorities have not requested assistance from the Russian Federation
2 year ago
Kremlin's spokesperson on possible assistance to Kazakhstan: "Hope our Kazakh friends will be able to resolve internal issues on their own. Important to avoid foreign interference"
Several thousands of protesters have gathered at the central square of Aktau
2 year ago
In Aralsk, Kyzylorda region protesters shutdown the railway road and highway. Demanding resignation of Tokayev, Nazarbayev and proclamation of Parliament republic in Kazakhstan
Clashes ongoing at Nazarbayev avenue/Satpaev street intersection in Almaty
Building of Almalinskiy ROVD(police station) is on fire in Almaty
2 year ago
Tensions rise in Semei, as protesters attempting to break police cordon near administration building
In Aktau protesters detaining servicemen, seizing their equipment
In a statement, commandant of the city of Almaty calls for calm, says the city is under attack of extremists and radicals, describes damage: over 120 vehicles burnt, over 120 shops, 180 cafes damaged, over 500 civilians beaten
Russian Space agency Roskosmos says that situation in Baikonur city is calm
2 year ago
State of emergency declared in capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan(former Astana)
2 year ago
Some servicemen joined protesters in Atyrau
Multiple key government buildings, such as headquarters of Nazarbayev's Nur Otan party, General Prosecutors office and Mayor offices are on fire in Almaty
2 year ago
Police are using water cannon to disperse protesters in Aktobe
2 year ago
Police attempting to disperse protesters near Regional administration in Atyrau