16 July 2024
Protest continues in Aktau
2 year ago
Stun grenades explosions at administration of Atyrau
Deputy akim(head) of Almaty Erzhan Babakumarov says that all employees were evacuated from city administration, switch to remote work
Several thousand people are now trying to break into the territory of the President's Almaty residence. Everything in smoke, explosions of flash-bang grenades and shots are heard.
Dozens of injured in clashes in Almaty, ambulances could not reach the scenes of clashes
2 year ago
Protesters have gathered at Torgai of Kostanai region
Fire at Almaty city council intensifies. Photo from subscriber of The Village Kazakhstan
Almaty: multiple soldiers injured, some reportedly have gunshots wounds
Prosecutor's office of Almaty set on fire
Smoke rising from eastern wing of Almaty city council
2 year ago
Thousands of protesters rally in Atyrau
2 year ago
People attempting to enter regional administration of Aktobe
Groups of protesters reached former administration of President in Almaty
Protesters have entered city akimat of Almaty
About 50 protesters gathered at akimat in Pertopavlovsk, but all have been detained by police
In Almaty protesters reached Republic square and attempting to storm city council of the city. Police using stun grenades
Protesters seizing weapons from riot police in Almaty
2 year ago
Zhanaozen protesters made several demands to the authorities: 1. Regime change 2. Akims of each oblast and city must be elected by the people; 3. Return the 1993 Constitution;
2 year ago
Clashes between protesters and police in Kostanay
Standoff between police and protesters at Tole Bi street/Baytursynova street in Almaty. Police using stun grenades
2 year ago
Protesters have gathered in Balkhash
Images of protest in Almaty this morning
2 year ago
Protesters are gathering in Ust-Kamenogorsk
2 year ago
Building where office of ruling "Nur Otan" party located was set on fire in Auezovskiy district
2 year ago
Protest gathered in Pavlodar
2 year ago
Protesters assaulting Akimat(regional administration) in Aktobe
Heavy security forces deployment in Ust-Kamenogorsk2 year ago
Heavy security forces deployment in Ust-Kamenogorsk
2 year ago
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that they are closely following the development of the situation in Kazakhstan
First data on casualties in Almaty: 137 police officers and 53 civilians wounded. 7 in grave condition in hospitals
2 year ago
Protesters gathered in Semey