Map. History of Central Asia conflict

22 October 2017
More than 400 Taliban insurgents have been killed in operations in Helmand province over the past three months
Explosion reported in PD3 in Kabul city
14 killed, 4 injured as suicide bomb strikes army bus outside major academy in Kabul, Defense Ministry tells 1TV
Afghanistan Giyan - 25 Haqqani members killed and 30 wounded in joint clearance operation
Dozens of Afghan troops killed in Taliban attack in Kandahar province, the Afghan Ministry of Defense says
Afghanistan Video shows chaotic scenes after attack on Shiite worship places in Kabul.
ISKP claims Kabul attack
Yesterday's image from Mailuu Suu.Recent landslide partially blocked the local river raising possibility of a major environmental disaster.
ISIS in Afghanistan claimed attack on Imam Zaman Shiite mosque attack in Kabul killing at least 39 worshippers
Afghan media report about another Mosque bombing, this time in Dolaina district of Ghor province
At least 30 killed and multiple others injured after a suicide attack inside Shi'ite Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul Afghanistan
At least 30 feared dead in blast at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan's Kabul, according to security sources
Suicide Bomber Targets Kabul Mosque
A suicide bomber detonated explosives inside Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul's PD13, caualities feared
Explosion heard in Kabul's PD13, Dasht-e-Barchi
Islamic State (Khurasan) via Amaq claims that yesterday's US strikes in Achin, Nangarhar have killed 20 women/children
US drones targeting Pakistani Taliban in Afghan areas close to Pakistan border. 47 died in 5 drones attacks in the past five days
1,500 troops taking part in joint military exercises in Kazakhstan
Pakistan militant group finds likely replacement after U.S. drone strike kills leader
ISIS recruiter was detained in Leningrad region of Russia
The Ministry of defense of Russia: anti-terror units In Tajikistan as part of the exercise repelled the attack of terrorists on conditional objects 201-nd Russian military base
CIA Director Pompeo: US is going to do everything it can to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table.
Officials say US drone strike in Afghanistan kills Pakistani leader of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a designated terrorist group.
Drone strike kills four in Afghanistan’s Paktia province
States hosting militants and their sanctuaries must eliminate them immediately and without distinction: India on terror attacks in Afghanistan
The terror attacks in Afghanistan demonstrate that safe havens and support systems continue to be available to the militants: Indian Ministry of External Affairs
India strongly condemns the barbaric attack today at the Afghan National Army base in Kandahar province
Pakistani army officials Wednesday unveiled first section of fence along the de facto border, despite Afghanistan’s objections to this move
Taliban militants claim the responsibility for a deadly attack on a military base in Kandahar in which 43 soldiers left dead
UN strongly condemns ‘terrorist attacks’ in Paktia