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18 of January 2017 IED blast rocks Kabul's PD3 near the Dehbori Square, No Casualties reported
18 of January 2017 Istanbul: During operation,police apprehended 27 ISIS suspects,including 15 women,of Tajik,Uzbek,Kyrgyz,Uighur origin,along with 29 children
18 of January 2017 Chinese president sends condolences to Kyrgyz counterpart over Turkish cargo jet crash that kills at least 37
18 of January 2017 Members of Council for Protection and Stability in Afghanistan hold a press conference in Kabul
18 of January 2017 31 Haqqani members arrested by NDS in Khost province. Explosives and 50 magnetic IEDs seized: NDS confirms
18 of January 2017 Uzbek govt hasn't made a statement on Abdulgadir Masharipov, yet. According to Turkish news,Tashkent's cooperating with Ankara on the matter
17 of January 2017 US Treasury designated Australian ISIS member/recruiter Neil Prakash (“AbuKhalid Cambodi”) as a terrorist
17 of January 2017 Security of our citizens is of paramount importance. Self interest alone is not in our culture or behaviour: PM
17 of January 2017 All must stand up by her side,be united in showing her support. We must encourage talent and not muzzle it under frivolous controversies: Venkaiah
17 of January 2017 Lavrov: Trump administration invited to attend Astana talks on Syria - hopes invitation will be accepted
17 of January 2017 Istanbul Governor says Reina attacker admitted his guilt, fingerprints match
16 of January 2017 At least 37 killed after Turkish cargo plane crashes near Kyrgyzstan airport
16 of January 2017 Mohamad Aloush who is head of Jaish al-Islam's political office will reportedly lead the rebel delegation in Astana
16 of January 2017 List of representatives from Opp militant groups who will attend Astana
16 of January 2017 'Pilot error' caused Turkish cargo plane crash: Kyrgyzstan official
16 of January 2017 Death toll in Kandahar guesthouse attack rises to 12
16 of January 2017 Kandahar attack: Hashim Karzai, former president's cousin, who was wounded in Tuesday's attack died in hospital in India from his injuries
16 of January 2017 More than 30 people died in crash of Turkish cargo Boeing in Kyrgyzstan: crashed on houses during landing
16 of January 2017 At least 30 people were killed when a Turkish cargo plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan, Russian state media reports
16 of January 2017 Turkish cargo jet crashes in Kyrgyz village, killing at least 30
16 of January 2017 Turkish Airlines Flight 6491, a cargo plane, has crashed near the Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishkek - official
16 of January 2017 TK6491 flight path @flightradar24 (this appears to be a @Boeing 747 cargo plane).
15 of January 2017 Helmand policewomen concerned over their safety
15 of January 2017 ISIS militants kidnap 13 seminary teachers in East of Afghanistan
15 of January 2017 Senior Taliban commander among 21 killed in latest operations
15 of January 2017 Afghanistan: Protests break out against Pakistan’s support to Taliban
14 of January 2017 Turkey foreign minister says he and Russia's Lavrov have decided to invite US to Astana talks on Syria.
14 of January 2017 Protest against Pakistan in Herat (Afghanistan)
14 of January 2017 Supreme Court should rule on issue of dismissed ministers: CEO
14 of January 2017 Kabul children warm their hands after a snowball fight in Old City Kabul
14 of January 2017 Islamic State militants set houses on fire in Afghanistan
14 of January 2017 Mehwar: NATO emphasizes need to combat yerrorism in Afghanistan
13 of January 2017 "We have not received any kind of formal invitation to the Astana meeting" on Syria hosted by Russia, Turkey, says @toner_mark.
13 of January 2017 UAE Ambassador to Afghanistan lands in AbuDhabi for treatment
13 of January 2017 AGT supporters demonstrate against Pakistan in Jabul
12 of January 2017 "We haven't gotten an invitation yet" to Jan. 23 Syria talks in Astana organized by Russia and Turkey, says @toner_mark.
12 of January 2017 Putin discussed Astana talks and Syrian ceasefire in phone calls today with Kazakh and Turkish counterparts
12 of January 2017 3 Iran nationals arrested on terrorism charges in western Herat province in Afghanistan, Herat official Col.Fazal Rahman Khadim said
12 of January 2017 CEO Abdullah Abdullah, at funeral ceremony of two victims of Kandahar attack, assures the nation to ensure peace in Afghanistan
12 of January 2017 U.S. military says its forces acted in self-defense against Taliban militants who used civilian houses, says no further action needed
12 of January 2017 U.S. military acknowledges its airstrikes in northern Afghanistan on November 2 killed 33 civilians and injured 27 others
11 of January 2017 In video released by AFG Taliban, hostages Timothy Weekes (Australian) and Kevin King (American) are clearly fearing for their lives
11 of January 2017 Egypt condemns Kandahar terrorist attack, offers condolences to Emirati people
11 of January 2017 Afghanistan, Zabul - 7 police officers killed and 7 wounded when Taliban stormed their security post in Tawoos.
11 of January 2017 Jalalabad - IS claims to have killed 5 police officers near Bahsod
11 of January 2017 Haroon Chakhansuri, president's spokesman, confirms team appointed to probe Kandahar blast - led by NSC chair Haneef Atmar
11 of January 2017 Yousafzada says Kandahar attack has not affected morale of the people and they still believe in their government
11 of January 2017 IDLG spokesperson Munira Yousafzada says Kandahar governor in stable condition and situation in province is normal
11 of January 2017 MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqqi confirms a team has been sent to Kandahar to investigate attack on guesthouse that left 11 dead
11 of January 2017 Spokesman for security branches hold joint press conference after Tuesday's deadly bombings in Afghanistan
11 of January 2017 The Syria talks will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan on January 23 according to a Russian diplomatic source
11 of January 2017 Footage taken Wednesday of the Kandahar guesthouse in the aftermath of Tuesday night's deadly attack that left 11 dead
11 of January 2017 Haneef Atmar, national security council chief, appointed head of team to probe Tuesday's attack. He has arrived in Kandahar
11 of January 2017 The 5 UAE diplomats who were killed in Kandahar Kare Mohammed Ali Zainal Al Bastaki; Abdullah Mohammed Essa Obaid Al Kaabi; Ahmed Rashid Salim Ali Al Mazroui; Ahmed Abdul Rahman Ahmad Al Tunaiji; and Abdul Hamid Sultan Abdullah Ibrahim Al Hammadi
11 of January 2017 Shah Ahmad Sayed, Kandahar foreign affairs chairman; Baz Mohammad Jawzjani, an MP; Faryab Senator Sarajuddin Safari also died
11 of January 2017 Those killed in Kandahar attack include Abdul Ali Shamsi, Kandahar’s deputy governor; Nazir Yama Quraishi, an Afghan diplomat in the US
11 of January 2017 11 people confirmed dead in Tuesday’s attack on Kandahar, Afghanistan guest house but officials said number could rise
11 of January 2017 Kabul death toll in twin blasts rises to over 50
11 of January 2017 Huge explosion reported in Jalalabad city in Nangarhar, Afghanistan
11 of January 2017 United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirms death of 5 diplomats in Kandahar suicide attack on Tuesday
10 of January 2017 "We don't want to see Afghanistan slide back into what it was," says @toner_mark after multiple Taliban attacks there today.
10 of January 2017 At least 11 people killed and 14 injured in the explosion at the governors guesthouse in Kandahar, among them diplomats from the UAE
10 of January 2017 UAE ambassador to Afghanistan Juma Mohammed Al Kaabi injured in Kandahar blast
10 of January 2017 9 killed, 16 injured in Kandahar guesthouse
10 of January 2017 Sources claim 3 killed, 8 wounded in explosion at guesthouse. Wounded incl UAE ambassador, a UAE envoy and governor wounded
10 of January 2017 Early reports indicate UAE envoy and Kandahar police chief uninjured but governor wounded in explosion at city guesthouse
10 of January 2017 Officials confirm UAE envoy, Kandahar governor and police chief are safe following blasts at guesthouse in provincial capital
10 of January 2017 2 blasts reported at a Kandahar guesthouse during meeting between UAE envoy, Kandahar governor and police chief
10 of January 2017 Kabul explosions death toll reach 30, wounded 80
10 of January 2017 Over 100 killed and wounded in Kabul twin blasts
10 of January 2017 The death toll from the twin explosions in Kabul rises to at least 32 killed and more than 70 injured, including many critically
10 of January 2017 Officials revise casualty toll from twin blasts against parliament staff and confirm 27 dead and 70 wounded
10 of January 2017 Officials confirm at least 21 killed and 45 wounded in Kabul twin explosions against parliamentary staff
10 of January 2017 Afghanistan Kabul - Updated toll: 21 killed, 45 wounded.
10 of January 2017 Ministry of health confirms at least 40 wounded in Kabul explosions that targeted convoy of officials leaving parliament offices
10 of January 2017 Eyewitnesses indicate casualty toll of dead and wounded in twin blasts on parliament offices Kabul could be as high as 50
10 of January 2017 Afghanistan Kabul - Some locals report gunfire can still be heard in the area.
10 of January 2017 According to some MPs a female MP from Herat among the injured in Kabul blasts. Details of casualties not yet released
10 of January 2017 Twin blasts near Afghan parliament in Kabul, casualties feared: officials
10 of January 2017 Twin Blasts Target Kabul Parliament Offices
10 of January 2017 Kabul blast updates: Taliban claim 2 suicide bombing in Darul Aman targeting NDS facility in the area
10 of January 2017 Officials claim explosions carried out by suicide bomber and a car bomber outside parliament offices in Darulaman Road in Kabul
10 of January 2017 Officials confirm parliament offices in Kabul city were target of twin-blasts. No details yet on casualties
10 of January 2017 Early reports indicate at least one explosion was a suicide bombing in Darulaman Road in Kabul city. Casualties feared
10 of January 2017 Target reportedly the offices of MPs and parliament commissioners in Darulaman Road in Kabul
10 of January 2017 Second blast reported in the same area - along Darulaman Road in Kabul city
10 of January 2017 Explosion reportedly happened close to the American University and Noor hospital on Darulaman Road in Kabul. Casualties feared
10 of January 2017 Explosion reported in Kabul. Early reports indicate it was in PD6 along Darulaman Road
10 of January 2017 Death toll rises to seven in Lashkargah suicide bombing
10 of January 2017 A Chinese firm signs $205 mln deal to build key road in Afghanistan
10 of January 2017 At least six killed in Lashkargar suicide bombing
10 of January 2017 Suicide bomber attacks NDs department in Lashkargah city of helmand province: Reports
10 of January 2017 Target of blast was an NDS office. Casualties feared. Security forces also reportedly trying to defuse unexploded car bomb
10 of January 2017 Helmand - Explosion reported in PD2 of Lashkargah, Helmand's capital.
9 of January 2017 200 Italian and US troops deployed to Farah province in Western Afghanistan to support local forces
9 of January 2017 Afghanistan Zabul - 4 security personnel dead, 4 injured in Taliban attack
9 of January 2017 Assad's comment on Astana negotiations: the maximum that can be provided to the opposition militants is "amnesty"
9 of January 2017 Around 200 NATO soldiers, mainly Italians, have been deployed to Afghanistan's western province of Farah
9 of January 2017 Himachal Pradesh: Shimla continues to be covered under thick blanket of snow; normal life disrupted
8 of January 2017 About US 300 Marines will deploy to Afghanistan's Helmand province to assist Afghan security forces battling Taliban insurgents
8 of January 2017 Taliban launch a major offensive on Baharak district of Badakhshan: says security com Mohammad Nabi Bayan
8 of January 2017 Turkish police identified ISIS terrorist who killed 39 people at the Reina bar in Istanbul as Uzbek national Abdulkadir Masharipov
8 of January 2017 Turkish police identify Reina attacker as Abdulkadir Masharipov
7 of January 2017 Islamic State Khurasan Claims Credit for bombing in Jalalabad
7 of January 2017 Baloch fighters carried out an ambush on Pakistan Army in Tump, Balochistan. Large number of soldiers killed and injured
6 of January 2017 Pentagon announces 300 Marines will deploy to Helmand Province Afghanistan this spring in support of the NATO-led @ResoluteSupport mission.
5 of January 2017 'Abu Omar Al-Tajiki' (Daesh terrorist from Tajikistan) armoured car bomb is seized by Hashd near Mosul Iraq
5 of January 2017 One killed, two wounded in roadside IED in Jalalabad
5 of January 2017 Explosion reported in Qaisar district. Target believed to have been district police chief. At least 6 wounded
5 of January 2017 Budget should be postponed as elections are close; allegation of appeasing public can be levied on ruling party in this case: Sanjay Raut, SS
4 of January 2017 In Turkey 40 people arrested in connection with Istanbul attack, including some from Dagestan and Kyrgyzstan.
4 of January 2017 Delhi's Saket Court has reserved the order on bail of lawyer Rohit Tandon for 9 January in money laundering case against him
4 of January 2017 Turkey extends its NATO mission in Afghanistan
3 of January 2017 Turkish parliament approves motion to extend military mandate in Afghanistan as part of NATO support
3 of January 2017 A SBIED blown up by own explosives in Zabul mosque in Afghanistan
3 of January 2017 Military operation launch in Badakhshan
3 of January 2017 Afghanistan, Uzbekistan trade relations
3 of January 2017 Iakhe Mashrapov (28) from Kyrgyzstan, spoke to the police and has been cleared of any involvement in Istanbul attack.
3 of January 2017 Yakhyo Mashrapov, believed to be behind the attack at Istanbul Reina club,claims he has nothing to do with the attack
3 of January 2017 Turkey detains two foreigners at Istanbul airport over nightclub attack: report
3 of January 2017 Afghanistan - Former jihadi commander killed in Kapisa blast
3 of January 2017 Afghanistan: 53 militants killed in overnight operations throughout the country
3 of January 2017 UPDATE: Turkish police are searching for Reina Terrorist Iakhe Mashrapov (28) from Kyrgyzstan, ISIS sources claim he fled Turkey
3 of January 2017 Turkish authorities have confirmed that the Istanbul attacker is Lakhe Mashrapov, a 28-year old citizen from Kyrgystan
3 of January 2017 Nightclub attacker's selfie video surfaces, he is seen walking down the street in Istanbul's Taksim
2 of January 2017 Turkey, Istanbul - Officials investigating 3 possible origins of suspect: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan or Xinjiang in China. #Reina
2 of January 2017 Two police soldiers killed, one wounded in clash between counter-narcotics police and armed men in Charikar city
2 of January 2017 An Afghan asylum seeker set himself on fire at a German supermarket warehouse
2 of January 2017 A rocket landed near to Kabul Hamid Karzai KIA Airport, no casualties reported
2 of January 2017 Kabul - reports indicate at least 3 rockets landed near HKI Airport in Kabul city Monday afternoon. Early reports indicate no casualties
2 of January 2017 Turkish authorities believe gunman, who is still on the run after the attack, comes from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan
2 of January 2017 Minister of Communications and Technology Abdul Razaq Wahidi suspended
2 of January 2017 Turkish authorities assert that an ISIS operative from Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan carried out New Year's attack on Reina nighclub in Istanbul
31 of December 2016 ISIS claimed responsibility for killing a Taliban leader in Jalalabad East Afghanistan
29 of December 2016 Putin speaks with Erdogan by phone on Syria Ceasefire and Astana talks
29 of December 2016 ISIL says they have attacked Afghanistan military base in Nazyan, Jalalabad. 7 killed, 4 Hummers destroyed
29 of December 2016 Russia calls for end to sanctions against Taliban. But - didn't invite Kabul, says China supports.
29 of December 2016 Representative of Sikh community in Kunduz province, Afghanistan killed by unknown gunmen
28 of December 2016 Peskov: Russia, Turkey Maintaining Permanent Contact On Various Modalities Of Possible Dialogue In Astana
28 of December 2016 Afghan Special Forces killed over 400 Taliban leaders in past 9 month
28 of December 2016 Afghan parliament confirmed that Mr.Fakori with his son wounded as result of explosion today morning
28 of December 2016 Four Taliban members killed in Wardak clash
28 of December 2016 Armed insurgents set a telecommunication tower alight on Monday night in Nangarhar province, local officials said Wednesday
28 of December 2016 Jahid says security forces have managed so far to defend the country and they will continue to do so
28 of December 2016 Jahid says ministry of interior is trying to improve and strengthen special forces
28 of December 2016 Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid addresses special forces in Kabul
28 of December 2016 MP wounded, his bodyguard killed in Kabul IED blast
28 of December 2016 AFGHANISTAN: Explosion heard in Afghan capital Kabul: witness
28 of December 2016 Afghan member of parliament injured in apparent assassination attempt, bodyguard killed - TOLO
28 of December 2016 MP Fakuri Behishti, wounded and bodyguard killed when magnetic IED detonated on his vehicle in PD5 Kabul city: Source
27 of December 2016 Russia delivered two new Su-30SM fighter jets [05 06] to Kazakhstan [in addition to four delivered in 2015: 01 02 03 04]
27 of December 2016 Captain Niloofar Rahmani, the first female Afghan air force pilot, asks the US for asylum after multiple threats
27 of December 2016 Afghanistan: 5 Taliban killed, 5 wounded in Shaberghan city, Jawzjan province
27 of December 2016 Syria opposition High Negotiating Committee says has no knowledge of talks Russia says are taking place between Syrian government and the opposition
27 of December 2016 Russia FM: Russia and Turkey agreed to push for a ceasefire in Syria and prepare for possible peace talks in Kazakh capital of Astana
27 of December 2016 Kabul is concerned over Russia-China-Pakistan trilateral meeting in Moscow on Afghanistan without Afghan officials
26 of December 2016 Lukashenko missed "Eurasian Economic Community" meeting today
26 of December 2016 Afghan military asks U.S. to deny asylum request from female pilot, saying "she lied by saying she was threatened"
26 of December 2016 Putin has met with Nursultan Nazarbayev ahead of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting
26 of December 2016 Top Taliban leader leading Kunduz battle killed in Ghazni
26 of December 2016 Taliban commander among 18 killed in Kunduz
26 of December 2016 Suicide bomber targets police vehicle in Lashkargah
26 of December 2016 Zwak says incident took place when NDS chief and other officials were on way to launch operation to re-open Kandahar-Lashkarhah highway
26 of December 2016 Helmand: Governor's spokesman Omar Zwak said suicide bomber targeted provincial NDS chief. 1 police officer killed, 3 others wounded
26 of December 2016 Helmand - suicide car bomber targets police Humvee in Lashkargah city. Casualties feared, reports Afghan media Afghanistan
25 of December 2016 Putin and Nazarbyev offer condolences to families of Tu154 plane crash victims
24 of December 2016 Austrian police arrest two Afghan men armed with knives outside a synagogue in Vienna
23 of December 2016 Turkey’s Pres. @RT_Erdogan and Bashar al-Assad have agreed to have new round of Syria talks in Kazakhstan — Russian Pres. Putin.
22 of December 2016 Afghanistan: Kabul calls Pakistani envoy over rocket shelling
22 of December 2016 Rouhani meets with Kazakh counterpart in Astana to strengthen relations
22 of December 2016 Death toll rises to seven in attack on MP's house in Kabul
22 of December 2016 5 Taliban leaders critically injured in premature bomb
22 of December 2016 Ghani says plans are underway to develop parks across Kabul and that they want to restore Kabul River to its former condition
22 of December 2016 Ghani states that people's rights are important and that today "we are demonstrating the need for all Afghans to have proper housing"
22 of December 2016 Ghani says people need to trust in Afghanistan's future and says this country "will be fixed"
22 of December 2016 Ghani says over 1 million refugees have returned to the country and are in desperate need of housing
22 of December 2016 Ghani says this issue has been discussed with the Ministry of urban development
22 of December 2016 President Ashraf Ghani addresses an event in Kabul, says govt needs the support of the nation
21 of December 2016 Russia has suspended flights to Tajikistan
21 of December 2016 Officials confirm among dead are 2 children. MP Mir Wali was home when gunmen stormed his house but he escaped
21 of December 2016 MP’s house under attack In Kabul, five feared dead
21 of December 2016 Victims include 2 grandchildren of MP Mir Wali, the son of Obaidullah Barikzai, an MP from Kandahar, and 2 security force members
21 of December 2016 Security sources say at least 5 people killed in ongoing attack on Helmand MP's house in Kabul
21 of December 2016 Ongoing at Helmand MP Mir Wali’s house in Kabul. Officials say at least 1 attacker detonated suicide vest. Casualties feared
21 of December 2016 Kazakhstan: Authorities detain 16 suspected members of banned Islamic group in security operation
21 of December 2016 Kabul: One attacker has reportedly entered the house while another is hidden somewhere near the house, officials say
21 of December 2016 Two gunmen attacked Helmand MP Mir Wali’s house in Kabul. Firing is ongoing in the area. Security forces have arrived at the scene
21 of December 2016 FM Hakimi says rejection of budget on first submission to parliament is common but that "we have two weeks to resolve the issues"
21 of December 2016 FM Hakimi says his ministry will release details of budget spend soon
21 of December 2016 FM Hakimi says 76% of this year's national budget has been spent
21 of December 2016 Afghanistan: 24 insurgents killed in Lashkargah, Helmand province
21 of December 2016 FM Hakimi says IMF set a revenue generation target of 132 billion Afs for this year but govt has already collected 165 billion
21 of December 2016 FM Hakimi says in the next few years 12 new land ports will be established in Afghanistan
21 of December 2016 FM Hakimi says he is not satisfied with reforms brought to the customs sector
21 of December 2016 Afghan Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi discusses next year's budget and the increase in national revenue
21 of December 2016 An explosion happened in PD7 Darul Aman area, no casualties reported yet: Reports
20 of December 2016 President Alamazbek Sharshenovich Atambaev of Kyrgyzstan met President Pranab Mukherjee
20 of December 2016 UN rights chief urges Philippines to probe President Duterte for murder
20 of December 2016 One child killed, 1 soldier wounded in Afghanistan-Pakistan border clash in Shamulzai district, Zabul: border official confirms
20 of December 2016 Afghan Border official also confirms death of 2 Pakistani soldiers in the clash
20 of December 2016 Security forces advance in Helmand operation in Afghanistan
20 of December 2016 Spanish @ICRC worker was abducted yesterday in Afghanistan when travelling from Mazar-e-Sharif to Kunduz.
20 of December 2016 Thank you for inviting me to India and for your warmth and hospitality: Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev
20 of December 2016 I wish President Almazbek Atambayev a memorable and productive visit in India: PM Narendra Modi
20 of December 2016 I wish President Almazbek Atambayev a memorable and productive visit in India: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 We will encourage engagement in healthcare, tourism, IT, agriculture, mining and energy: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 5 Lashkar-e-Taiba militants killed by own bomb in East of Afghanistan
20 of December 2016 President Almazbek Atambayev and I agreed on the need to connect our economies more deeply: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 We will work to strengthen bilateral trade and economic linkages and facilitate greater people to people exchange: PM Narendra Modi
20 of December 2016 We have decided to build on our development cooperation including capacity building and training, will give youth priority: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 President Almazbek Atambayev and I reviewed our co-operation in defence field: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
20 of December 2016 Kyrgyz Republic is a valuable partner in our common pursuit of making Central Asia a region of sustainable peace, stability and prosperity: PM
20 of December 2016 We discussed range of issues including combating terrorism, extremism and radicalism: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
20 of December 2016 We discussed how we could work together to secure our youth and society against common challenges of terrorism, extremism & radicalism: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 We focused on common priority of diversifying, deepening bilateral engagement: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 Much credit goes to President Almazbek Atambayev for nurturing and building strong foundation of democracy in Kyrgyz Republic: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 I am delighted to welcome President Almazbek Atambayev on his first state visit to India: PM Modi
20 of December 2016 Exchange of agreements between India and Kyrgyzstan, in Delhi
20 of December 2016 Delhi: Delegation level talks between India and Kyrgyzstan
20 of December 2016 Delhi: Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi
20 of December 2016 Delhi: Ceremonial reception for Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev at Rashtrapati Bhawan
20 of December 2016 Delhi: President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev pays tributes at the Mahatama Gandhi Memorial
20 of December 2016 Aghanistan. Kidnapped American-Canadian Couple Appeals For US Government To Help For Release
20 of December 2016 We need to address,as an imperative,support terrorist orgs like Taliban, Al-Qaeda & its designated affiliates like LeT&JeM which operate outside fabric of int'l law draw from shadowy supporters outside Afghan: India's Permanent Representative to UN Akbaruddin
20 of December 2016 If we're to bring sustainable peace to Afghan, groups perpetrating violence must be denied safe havens in Afghan's neighbourhood: India's Permanent Representative to UN Syed Akbaruddin
20 of December 2016 Delegation level talks to take place between India and Kyrgyzstan, PM Modi & Kyrgyzstan President to jointly brief media later today
19 of December 2016 U.S. military's Oct. 23 airstrike near Kunar, Afghanistan killed a total of 3 senior al-Qaida leaders, says @DeptofDefense.
19 of December 2016 Hospital officials confirm 1 dead and 22 wounded in IED explosion at a busy bazaar during rush hour
19 of December 2016 1 dead, 21 wounded in roadside IED blast in Kunduz city: officials confirm
19 of December 2016 Total 597 people died due to grief post former TN CM Jayalalithaa's demise, ₹3 lakh aid will be given to each families: AIADMK
18 of December 2016 Nazarbayev discusses Syria talks with Turkey, Russia
17 of December 2016 5 female airport workers along with a driver killed in shooting in Kandahar Afghanistan
17 of December 2016 India and Tajikistan hold delegation level talks in Delhi
17 of December 2016 We appreciate Tajikistan's role in the central-asian region as a mainstay against the forces of extremism, radicalism and terrorism: PM Modi
17 of December 2016 We (India and Tajikistan) will work on trade and transit linkages through Chabahar Port in Iran: PM Modi
17 of December 2016 India and Tajikistan enjoy a rewarding partnership in capacity and institution-building: PM Modi
17 of December 2016 President and I agreed that peace in Afghanistan is very important for the region: PM Modi
17 of December 2016 Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon and PM Narendra Modi issue joint statement in Delhi
17 of December 2016 Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev thinks that the Union could be "voluntarily restored"
17 of December 2016 Delhi: Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon meets PM Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House
17 of December 2016 Delhi: Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon with PM Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee at the President House
17 of December 2016 Delhi: Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon receives ceremonial reception at the President House
17 of December 2016 Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will hold delegation level talks today
16 of December 2016 Afghan Taliban fighters released an unofficial video message about Syria; specifically for besieged eastern Aleppo.
16 of December 2016 Taliban attacks Baghlan-Kunduz Highway, kills civilian
16 of December 2016 Putin says 'actively negotiating' with Syria opposition, Turkey mediating
16 of December 2016 Russia's Putin says he and Turkish president are trying to broker new round of Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan
15 of December 2016 8 ISIS militants were killed in East of Afghanistan
15 of December 2016 In Astana, Bibi asked Nazarbayev to convey his message to the Iranian leadership. Rohani to visit Kazakhstan
15 of December 2016 Kyrgyz State Security Service website is out, too except FB page that was updated last month
14 of December 2016 Kabul rebukes Pakistan over war


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